Alexandre DanilevskiAlexandre Danilevski was born from a captain and a pianist. It determined his passion for travels and music, composition being a travel in the unknown. His passion for modern music brought him, after his studies in classical music, to learn about early music which he studied, after his emigration in France, at the Scola Cantorum Basilensis (Switzerland).

He created then the ensemble of early music Syntagma, now one of the leaders in this domain.He says that his music isn’t one that belongs in a museum, but that he only performs modern music, no matter when it was written, even if it dates back to 800 years. There exist some “new” music which appears like old mistakes. On the real matter, time has no power.For him music is a way to learn about the inner-self. It exists to discover something in yourself and to understand it. It is a necessity for a superior quality of life, you just have to re-orient the listening from outside to inside. And, by playing Danilevski’s music, we are invited to listen to ourselves.

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